Providing High Resolution 0-12 Hour Forecasts


High resolution weather prediction can be improved by assimilating local observations within the forecast region. Special handling of these observations is required by the modeling system to ensure that they have the appropriate effect on the forecast.


The Real-Time Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation system (RTFDDA)
The RTFDDA system analyzes and predicts whether through integration of computer scripting code, a numerical weather prediction (NWP) core, and a method of assimilating observations into that core.

Ensemble RTFDDA E-RTFDDA is identical to RTFDDA with one important difference: it produces multiple versions (forecasts) of weather at any given time in the near future.

CFDDA (Climate Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation) create analyses of current and forecasts of future weather.


This data assimilation system was designed to take advantage of local weather observations and has been used to improve weather forecasts and historical climate analyses for the US Army Test Ranges, wind energy prediction systems, and geospatial intelligence applications. 


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