Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project (TCGP)

The aims of this project are: (a) to foster increased development of forecast aids for global basins by engaging the wider community of operational centers, academic researchers, and commercial interests; and (b) to go beyond track and intensity both by encouraging the development of forecast aids for structure change by providing structure data for use in track and intensity projection methods.

TCGP: Tropical Storm Laura early-cycle intensity guidance

TCGP: Tropical Storm Laura early-cycle intensity guidance

To accomplish these aims, the project is organized around four main objectives: (1) to provide a global repository tropical cyclone forecast aids for track and intensity information, (2) to provide real-time plots these data for active tropical cyclones, and (3) to visualize structure and intensity parameters from observations taken by reconnaissance aircraft, (4) to provide retrospective plots of these data for past tropical cyclones.


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