METplus is a verification framework that spans a wide range of temporal (warn-on-forecast to climate) and spatial (storm to global) scales.  It is intended to be extensible through additional capability developed by the community. The core components of the framework include MET, the associated database and display systems called METviewer and METexpress, and a suite of Python wrappers to provide low-level automation and examples, also called use-cases.  METplus will be a component of NOAA's Unified Forecast System (UFS) cross-cutting infrastructure as well as NCAR's System for Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere (SIMA).

METplus is being actively developed by NCAR/Research Applications Laboratory (RAL), NOAA/Earth Systems Research Laboratories (ESRL), NOAA/Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), and is open to community contributions.



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