Satellite Applications

Meteorolgical Satellite Data To Enhance Understanding of Atmospheric Processes and Applications

Transitioning Advanced Satellite Observations into Practical Applications

An example of an ASAP developed enhancement to a NASA liquid water path product for aviation applications, using spatial filtering techniques to improve the product signal-to-noise ratio and emphasize features critical to in route aircraft.

RAL scientists and engineers are continuing work on a number of projects that involve the acquisition and application of meteorological satellite data to enhance understanding of atmospheric processes and applications. Much of this work is being supported by NASA, through the Advanced Satellite Aviation Weather Products (ASAP) initiative and through a system of competitive grants awarded by NASA’s Applied Sciences Program. The goal of ASAP is to enhance the transition of new and existing satellite information and products into operational products by collaborating with the FAA’s Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP) Research Teams, many of which are based at NCAR. This effort is specifically addressing hazards such as in-flight icing, convective weather, turbulence (clear–air and cloud–induced), and the monitoring of weather in the data-sparse areas over oceans. RAL’s role in ASAP is to coordinate the contributions from the participating universities and laboratories with the needs and requirements of the FAA’s aviation weather Research Teams and to evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of these advanced satellite products

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Satellite Applications