Business Jet departing a snowy airfield

Weather Expertise

Applying scientific rigor to understand and predict atmospheric processes that generate weather hazards to aviation.

Focus Areas of Research


Summer and Winter Storms

A wide variety of storm-related hazards for aviation
Wind Shear

Wind and Wind Shear

A major factor in aviation accidents


A leading cause for in-flight injuries and air traffic controller workload
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A key factor affecting aircraft performance and flight safety
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Ceiling and Visibility

Factors limiting visually guided flight operations
Mount Agung erupting plume. During volcano eruption thousands of people was evacuated from dangerous zone because of the threat of explosive eruption and the danger of pyroclastic flows. Airline flights to Bali were canceled, Denpasar airport closed because of volcanic ash clouds in the air.

Volcanic Ash and Space Weather

A global threat to aviation
Aerial top down view of an airplane flying over blue sea

Climate Change

Aviation expertise for a changing climate


Matthias Steiner

Director, Aviation Applications Program


Arnaud Dumont

Deputy Director Engineering, Aviation Applications Program


James Pinto

Deputy Director Science, Aviation Applications Program