Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Year
external AMS Fellow Chen, Fei 2013
external ISSNAF Young Investigator Award Cervone, Guido 2013
external WMA Schaefer Award Bruintjes, Roelof 2013
external Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers Yates, David 2013
internal Outstanding Publication Award Julie Demuth (NCAR/RAL), Rebecca Morss (NCAR/MMM), Betty Hearn Morrow (SocResearch, Miami, FL), and Jeff Lazo (NCAR/RAL). 2013
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Laurie Carson (RAL), Ming Hu (NOAA/ESRL), Xiang-Yu Huang (MMM), Louisa Nance (RAL), Kathryn Newman (RAL), Hui Shao (RAL), Don Stark (RAL), and Chunhua Zhou (RAL). 2013
external WMA Thunderbird Award Bruintjes, Roelof 2012
internal Outstanding Publication Award Matthias Steiner (RAL/HAP), Richard Bateman (CU), Daniel Megenhardt (RAL/WSAP), Yubao Liu (RAL/NSAP), Matthew Pocernich (Neptune and Company, Inc.), Jimmy Krozel (Metron Aviation) 2012
internal Administrative Achievement Award Jason Knievel and Francois Vandenberghe 2012
external Outstanding Platform Presentation, National Chem/Bio Defense Science and Technology Conference Bieringer, Paul 2011
external AMS Fellow Mahoney, William 2011
external Special Recognition Award, WMO WWRP Brown, Barbara 2011
external AMS Cleveland Abbe Award Foote, Brant 2011
internal Education and Outreach Award Rita Roberts and James Wilson 2011
internal Outstanding Publication Award Thomas T. Warner (RAL, posthumous) 2011
patent Optical device for correcting geostationary satellite imagery for earth curvature effects David Johnson 2010
patent Method and apparatus for clutter filtering staggered pulse repetition time signals Gregory Meymaris 2010
external WMA Distinguished Service Award Axisa, Duncan 2010
external AMS Kenneth C. Spengler Award Mahoney, William 2010
external Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society Theriault, Julie 2010
external Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers Yates, David 2010
external Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference Steiner, Matthias 2010
internal Education and Outreach Award Michael Dixon 2010
internal Outstanding Publication Award Romero-Lankao Paty (RAL), Doug Nychka (CISL/IMAGe) and John Tribbia (formerly at ISSE) 2010
external AMS Fellow Roberts, Rita 2009