DIA ATC and FAA Safety and Operations

DIA Air Traffic Controllers and FAA Safety and Operations Representatives on Colorado Tornadoes

NCAR Fleishman Building August 21, 2014

8:30 am     Welcome and introductions ….Bruce Carmichael, NCAR/RAL

8:40 am     ATC challenges in responding to tornado watches/warnings…… John Connolly, FAA

9:00 am    Phenomenology of Colorado tornadoes … Morris Weisman, (pdf) (cellgrow.avi) (sqlits.avi) NCAR/MMM

9:30 am    Colorado tornado events and the DCVZ …Ed Szoke, (pdf) NOAA/GSD

9:50 am   Monitoring/tracking severe weather in vicinity of Denver airports …Rita Roberts, (pdf) NCAR/RAL

10:10 am   Tornado observations from the Doppler On Wheels (DOW) radarJosh Wurman, Karen Kosiba, (pdf) Center for Severe Weather Research

10:45 am  NWS tornado watches and warning - policies and practices… Bob Glancy, (pdf) Nezette Rydell, NWS-Denver/Boulder

11:00 – 12:30   Open Discussion – Addressing ATC operational needs and response to tornado watches/warnings  - John Connolly, Bruce Carmichael, Bob Glancy, Nezette Rydell

National Weather Service Denver, CO - weather.gov/Denver Heads up:

  • Weather Story Graphic - NWS product, issued at 5:30 am and updated at 10:30 am
  • Hazardous Weather Outlook - NWS product, issued at 5:30 am and updated at 10:30 am - below the weather story graphic
  • Area Forecast Discussion - NWS product - issued 4 times daily and updated as needed


  • Radar - NWS web display -
  • Numerous phone and computer apps are available for monitoring radar consider latency and smoothing
  • NWSChat - chat room for NWS partners, customers, and media
    • NWSChat Live feature is web based and requires no additional software
    • Product notification for many NWS watch, warning and advisory products.


  • iNWS - an experimental alerting service for core NWS partners
  • Numerous media and private company alerting apps are available
  • Most alert apps allow for multiple locations to be input for alerting and choices of what alerts to send.