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The WRF-Hydro V5.2.0 Technical Description describes the WRF-Hydro model architecture and physics options, released in January 2020. Please send feedback to wrfhydro@ucar.edu

Please use the v5.1.1 How to Build & Run as well as the v5.1.1 Test Case User Guides for WRF-Hydro model v5.2.0. (See Resource Links Below or v5.1.1 documentation)


  • WRF-Hydro® modeling system technical description, (Version 5.2.0)

    Until further notice please cite the WRF-Hydro Modeling System V5.2.0 as follows

    Gochis, D.J., M. Barlage, R. Cabell, M. Casali, A. Dugger, K. FitzGerald, M. McAllister, J. McCreight, A. RafieeiNasab, L. Read, K. Sampson, D. Yates, Y. Zhang (2020).  The WRF-Hydro® modeling system technical description, (Version 5.2.0).  NCAR Technical Note. 108 pages. Available online at: https://ral.ucar.edu/sites/default/files/public/projects/wrf-hydro/technical-description-user-guide/wrf-hydrov5.2technicaldescription.pdf.


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