Avoiding Turbulence


According to a review of NTSB data from 1992 to 2001, turbulence was a factor in at least 509 accidents in the United States that resulted in 251 deaths in general aviation. Between 2002 and 2013, there were 430 passenger and crew injuries due to turbulence.


Graphical Turbulence Guidance Product (GTG)

NCAR engineers designed the Graphical Turbulence Guidance Product that predicts clear-air and terrain-induced turbulence. The GTG product uses numerical weather prediction model forecasts to compute a number of turbulence diagnostics which are then weighted and combined. The weights are dynamically optimized for best agreement with the most recent available turbulence observations (in situ EDR data and pilot reports).


GTG is most useful for strategic route planning to avoid turbulence. This technology improves safety, airspace capacity, and efficiency


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