Experimental Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

The Experimental ADDS project was successfully completed on June 30th, 2015. All research has now been transferred to Operational ADDS.  Please consult that site for all of your future aviation weather needs.  Thanks for a great 17 years!

image Aviation Weather Center ADDS website
ADDS Website

Experimental and Operational ADDS are web sites hosted at RAL and the NWS's Aviation Weather Center to provide 24 hour access to aviation weather information. As their names imply, Operational ADDS provides weather information that has received an official operational designation from the NWS and FAA, while Experimental ADDS presents aviation weather products that have progressed from research status to a provisional experimental status subject to further feedback and evaluation by aviators. The ADDS web sites handle a high volume of users who range from private pilots to military flight planners and include many of the major US airlines.

NCAR Bids Farewell to Experimental ADDS: Pilots can assess flight hazards on Operational ADDS


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