Flight Path Tool

The Flight Path Tool (FPT) is a comprehensive, interactive, geographical display that brings together all of the weather products available on ADDS. It runs as a desktop application on your computer for maximum performance.

The Flight Path Tool can overlay multiple fields of interest: icing (probability, severity, and super-cooled large drops), turbulence potential, convective diagnosis and forecast, ceiling, visibility, flight category, winds, relative humidity, temperature, radar (base and composite reflectivity), satellite observations (visible, infra-red, and water vapor wavelengths), AIRMETs and SIGMETs, METARs, TAFs, and PIREPs.

All 3D data can be sliced horizontally at selected flight levels or vertically along a flight path. All data can be animated in time.

The tool lets you zoom in to any location on the globe. It automatically switches to the most appropriate projection for the viewed area. High-resolution basemaps show selectively more detail as you zoom in.

In addition, the Flight Path Tool can create vertical cross sections along your flight route.

Preferred views can be saved for quick recall later.