Aviation Weather Industry Technology Meeting

24 May 2022 | Boulder, Colorado

Event - Aviation Industry 2022

Boulder, Colorado

NCAR - FAA WTIC | May 23 - 24 | Boulder, Colorado

NCAR's Aviation Applications Program and the FAA's Weather Technology In The Cockpit program invite the aviation community to an Industry Technology meeting showcasing cutting-edge government aviation weather research that is available to industry.

The meeting will be highlighting new and upcoming research, applications, tools and weather products available to the aviation community from NCAR.

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Aviation Weather Industry Technology Meeting
Aviation Weather Industry Technology Meeting


For More Information Contact: Jason Craig at jcraig@ucar.edu

Industry Meeting Flyer (PDF)


National Center for Atmospheric Research - Aviation Applications Program & 
FAA’s Weather Technology In The Cockpit program

National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCAR / UCAR - Center Green Campus – CG1 South Auditorium
3090 Center Green Dr. Boulder, CO 80301

May 23rd

Meet and Greet at TBD - 5pm

Dinner at TBD – 6pm

May 24th8:45 am Start (Mountain Time, 10:45am Eastern Time)

Welcome Talk – 10 Min – Bill Mahoney – Director of the Research Applications Lab, NCAR

Opening Remarks from the FAA – 10 Min - Randy Bass – Manager of the FAA’s Weather Research Branch

Remote Oceanic Meteorology Information Operational (ROMIO)
NCAR’s Cloud Top Height (CTH) and Convection Diagnosis Oceanic (CDO)

ROMIO Part 1 (90 Min)

-       ROMIO, CTH & CDO Products Overview – 20 Min - Ken Stone – NCAR

-       ROMIO Demonstration Benefits – 25 Min - Toni Trani (Remote) – Virginia Tech

-       CTH & CDO Products Technical Information – 15 Min – Dan Meganhardt – NCAR

-       Operational Usage of the CTH & CDO Products – 15 Min - Matt Eckstein – Delta

-       Pilot Perspective, using ROMIO in the cockpit – 10 Min - Rocky Stone (Remote) – United

Break – 10:30 - 15 Min

ROMIO Part 2 (75 Min)

-       Licensing Information from NCAR – Contracts/Legal – 20 Min – NCAR

-       CTH & CDO Products Global Availability – 20 Min – Jim Olivo – BCI

-       General Discussion over Operationalizing CTH/CDO – 30 Min – Open Discussion

Break – LUNCH – 12:00 – 1:30pm

Other NCAR Research and Available Products (90 Min)

-       Introducing The Global Weather Notification System – 30 Min – Jason Craig - NCAR

-       The Graphical Turbulence Guidance Nowcast (GTG-N) Product – 20 Min – Wiebke Deierling - NCAR

-       Nulled NEXRAD Radar Research Project – 10 Min – Arnaud Dumont – NCAR

-       In-Situ Turbulence Diagnosis algorithm and ADS-B Remote Turbulence Detection Research Project – 20 Min – Greg Meymaris - NCAR

-       WTIC Pilot Industry Survey - 10 Min – Tenny Lindholm – NCAR

Discussions with Product Teams – Reserve a 1-on-1 session


Register Today at ral.ucar.edu/2022/wtic_meeting

For More Information Contact: Jason Craig, jcraig@ucar.edu

Agenda (PDF)

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