Aviation Weather Technical Exchange Meeting

Agenda Track
Agenda Track

Clouds, Cloud Ceiling, and Visibility (C&V) Technical Exchange Meeting

Panel on Importance of C&V for Aviation

Welcome – Jenny Colavito, FAA

Importance of C&V for aviation – Don Eick, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Panel Introductions

Tom George, Alaska Regional Manager, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Matt Johnson, Check Airman, Instructor & Weather Focal Point, Metro Aviation Incorporated

Nathan Polderman, Senior Manager for Meteorology and Dispatch Operations, United Airlines

Don Berchoff, CEO Truweather Solutions

Ken Venzke, Meteorologist In Charge, Oakland California Air Route Traffic Control Center
(ZOA), Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU), National Weather Service (NWS)

Don Eick, NTSB Accident Investigator

Panel question & answer session led by Jenny Colavito, FAA

Use of Satellites

Overview of Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) satellite research with focus on cloud & aerosol topics related to aviation and visibility – Steve Miller, Colorado State University.

Satellite-based 3D cloud structure and interactions with aviation users – Yoo-Jeong Noh, Colorado State University

Satellite cloud mask – Michael Foster, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Aviation Weather Center (AWC) use of satellite cloud data – Ty Higginbotham, Colorado State University

LAMP Developments: use of satellite data for improving LAMP between the stations – Allison Layne, NWS Meteorological Development Laboratory (MDL)

Use of Surface Observation

Overview of Visibility Estimation through Image Analytics (VEIA) on FAA Weather Camera website,

operational transition process, and what’s coming next – Michael Matthews, Massachusetts

Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory

Overview of FOGMAP: Using targeted observations with UAS to improve local fog predictions – James Pinto, NCAR

Ceilometer backscatter profile use for C&V – Josh Lave, NCAR

Display of C&V for Users

Cloud layers and the presentation of C&V info to users – Austin Cross and Rob Hepper, AWC

LAMP prototype displays for the onset and cessation of flight categories – Andrew Kochenash and Judy Ghirardelli, MDL

Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WTIC) – Gary Pokodner, FAA

Improving Models for C&V

3D Real Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) – Manuel Pondeca, NWS Environmental Modeling Center (EMC)

Cloud assimilation and representation in the Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS) and 3DRTMA – Terra Ladwig, NOAA Global Systems Laboratory (GSL)

Increasing the temporal resolution of LAMP C&V – Phil Shafer, MDL