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 An R Package for working with WRF-Hydro 

community-contributed toolbox for managing, analyzing, and visualizing WRF-Hydro input and output files in R. Rwrfhydro is currently minimally supported and rarely updated. 

Intentionally, "Rwrfhydro" can be read as "our wrf-hydro". The purpose of this R package is to focus community development of tools for working with and analyzing data related to the WRF Hydro model. These tools are both free and open-source, just like R, which should help make them accessible and popular. R is freely available from CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network) along with over 6500 add-on packages for special purposes. While Rwrfhydro is not available on CRAN (and may never be), it is available on github and can easily be installed as described in the README file.

For users new to R, several introductory resources are listed at the bottom of the README.
For users who wish to contribute to the code base, there are also explicit details in the README.
Please browse the Rwrfhydro vignettes which provide examples with output and illustrate the application of Rwrfhydro to WRF-Hydro modeling. The Rwfhydro NEWS details the latest changes to Rwrfhydro. Further details are listed below in a CRAN-like package overview.

Until further notice, please cite Rwrfhydro as follows:
McCreight, J.L., Dugger, A., Gochis, D.J., 2015: The Rwrfhydro R package.
Available at http://www.ral.ucar.edu/projects/wrf_hydro

CRAN-like overview of Rwrfhydro

Rwrfhydro: R tools for the WRF Hydro Model

A community-contributed toolbox for managing, analyzing, and visualizing WRF Hydro input and output files in R. See the github repository README file for more information.



The following Vignettes are meant as an example guides. You will need to edit them to meet the needs of your research project.