WRF-Hydro® Team

Aubrey Dugger

Proj Mgr II

Project Role: Science Lead
Focus Area(s): Hydrologic process modeling, land cover change & disturbance, ecohydrology. Has served leadership roles in hydrologic process model development, multivariate model evaluation, and parameter estimation and regionalization. Research interests focus on understanding disturbance impacts on downstream water systems, including the use of remote sensing.

Ryan Cabell

HAP Engineering Deputy Director

Project Role: Engineering Lead

Alyssa McCluskey

Proj Mgr II

Project Role: Project Management Lead
Focus Area(s): Progress reports, staff allocations, budgets

Matthew Casali

Assoc Scientist III

Project Role: Geospatial Dataset Development

Erin Dougherty

Project Scientist I

Project Role: Hydrometeorological modeling and analysis
Focus Area(s): Hydrological modeling and coupled atmospheric-hydrological modeling,

Farshid Felfelani

Project Scientist I

Project Role: Land Surface and Groundwater Modeling
Focus Area(s): Modeling hydrology-human-climate interactions in response to the combined effects of human activities and climate change. Improving the representation of coupled natural-human hydrologic systems in land models.

Andrew Gaydos

Soft Eng/Prog III

Project Role: Web Mapping & Data Services
Focus Area(s): Data access and visualization using web services and web-based tools. Custom development of server and client-side solutions for efficient access, transmission, and presentation of temporally and spatially based datasets. Andy’s primary focus is the development of the HydroInspector application used to visualize realtime and archived forecasts from the National Water Model.

Joe Grim

Proj Scientist II

Project Role: Forcing & Bias Correction

Elizabeth Homa

Project Scientist I

Project Role: Coupling hydrologic and water management models
Focus Area(s): reservoir operations modeling, water budgets, statistical hydrology, water systems models

Amir Mazrooei

Project Scientist I

Project Role: Hydrometeorological Modeling and Data Analysis
Focus Area(s): Improvement of Hydrologic Forecasting, Machine Learning, Data Assimilation, Meteorological downscaling methods

Molly McAllister

Higher Education Specialist III

Project Role: Project Liaison, Training, & Community Engagement
Focus Area(s): Communications, Outreach, User Experience (UX), Product creation & evaluation for diverse stakeholder needs

Nina Omani

Assoc Scientist III

Project Role: Data analysis and hydrometeorological models’ verification and calibration.
Focus Area(s): Hydrometeorological models (numerical weather prediction, nowcasting, and rainfall-runoff models) verification, hydrometeorological Data Management and Analysis, hydrological models Implementation to enhance forecasting accuracy.

Arezoo RafieeiNasab

Proj Scientist II

Project Role: Data Assimilation, Calibration

Kevin Sampson

Assoc Scientist IV

Project Role: Geospatial Dataset Development Lead

Ishita Srivastava

Soft Eng/Prog III

Project Role: Engineering workflows for hydro meteorological applications, data analysis.

Focus Areas: Developing and maintaining new features for the Forcing Engine and Calibration modules. Responsible for designing and implementing AWS/cloud workflows tailored for WRF-Hydro training and model simulations, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance on cloud platforms.

Jing Wang

Proj Scientist I

Project Role: 

David Yates

Scientist III

Project Role: Channel & Reservoir Routing, Water Management

Yongxin Zhang

Proj Scientist II

Project Role: analysis of hydrometeorological processes, climate modeling and diagnostics
Focus Area(s): Mesoscale Meteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction, Climate Diagnostics and Modeling.
With WRF-Hydro, Yongxin is primarily focused on the generation of the forcing data, long-term retrospective hindcasts, analyses of extreme streamflow and connections with climate variability.