Broadening the options for alternative energy sources is essential for the global community to maintain robust, cost-effective, and reliable power grids. Public and private utility managers use our forecasting tools to efficiently and economically incorporate solar and wind power into their energy portfolios. The research strides we’ve made help predict solar and wind events. The power generated from these sources is now more reliable, which ultimately moves the world closer to renewable energy goals.

Focus Areas of Research


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Prediction

Precise Location-Based Weather Forecasts Wherever You Are

Complex Multi-scale Flows and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Research

Improving the prediction of surface and near-surface weather conditions

Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and Data Assimilation

Providing Decision Makers Real-Time Knowledge of the Atmosphere

Renewable Energy

Advanced Technologies for Renewable Energy Prediction

Specialized Numerical Weather Prediction

NWP for Surface Transportation & Renewable Energy Forecasting


Sue Ellen Haupt

Senior Scientist, Deputy Director Research Applications Laboratory