Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Award Year / Patent Issue Date
internal UCAR Distinguished Achievement RAL Awardee Roy Rasmussen 2020
external Aviation Week Laurels Award Cornman, Larry and Wes Wilson 1990
external Nobel Peace Prize - IPCC, Nobel Foundation Kathleen Miller and Patricia Romero-Lankao 2008
external Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers Yates, David 2010
external AGU President-Elect Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences Julie Vano 2018
internal UCAR Outstanding Publication: RAL Awardee Stefano Alessandrini, Luca Delle Monache, Simone Sperati, and Guido Cervone
internal Distinguished Achievement Award Michael Dixon 2017
internal Outstanding Publication Award Monaghan, Hayden, Wilhelmi, and Steinhoff 2017
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Thomas Hopson (RAL and SERE*/ASP). Co-nominees include Hai-Ru Chang, Carlos Hoyos, Jun Jian, and Peter Webster (Georgia Institute of Technology); and Selvaraju Ramasamy and A.R. Subbiah (Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre). 2007
external Aviation & Space Operations Weather Prize Robert Sharman 2018
internal UCAR Mentoring Award Gerry Wiener 2021
internal Diversity Award Scott Landolt 2014
internal Outstanding Publication Award Rife, D.L., J.O. Pinto, A.J. Monaghan, C.A. Davis and J.R. Hannan 2014
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Greg Thompson, Paddy McCarthy, Frank Hage, and Shelly Knight 1999
external Best Paper Award by World Road Association (PIARC) Amanda Siems-Anderson, Gerry Wiener, Thomas Brummet, Seth Linden, William Petzke, Padhrig McCarthy, Vince Garcia and Ali Ragan (WYDOT), Tony English (Trihydro Corp.), Deepak Gopalakrishna, and Eva Hsu (ICF International) 2018
internal UCAR Scientific and/or Technical Achievement Award Todd Arbetter, Laurie Carson, Dan D’Amico, Grant Firl, Michelle Harrold, Tracy Hertneky, Mike Kavulich, Weiwei Li, Nick Lybarger, Louisa Nance, Julie Schramm, Jamie Wolff, and Lara Ziady 2021
internal Education and Outreach Award Rita Roberts and James Wilson 2011
internal Outstanding Publication Award Thomas T. Warner (RAL, posthumous) 2011
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Award Rachel Ames, Jeff Cole, Frank Hage, Tres Hofmeister, Nancy Rehak, and Ren Tescher (RAL) 1997
internal Warner Internship for Scientific Enrichment (WISE) Arianna Valmassoi 2018
external 2022 HPC Editor’s Choice Award Jeremy Sauer and Domingo Munoz Esparza 2022
internal Administrative Achievement Award Deborah Henson, Patty Hill, Cheryl Jones, Carol Makowski, and Carol Park-Hill 1992
internal Education and Outreach Award Marcia Politovich and Ben Bernstein 2001
internal Outstanding Publication Award David Yates, Jack Sieber and Annette Huber-Lee (Stockholm Environment Institute), David Purkey (National Heritage Institute), and Hector Galbraith (Galbraith Environmental Services) 2008
internal Technical Support Award Jeff Cole (RAP) 1996