Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Award Year / Patent Issue Date
internal Outstanding Publication Award Andrew Crook (MMM/RAL); cowriters, Terry Clark and Mitchell Moncrieff 1991
internal Mentoring Award Branko Kosovic 2018
external Univ. of Michigan Alumni of the Year 2020 Sue Ellen Haupt 2020
external Aviation Week Laurels Award In-situ Turbulence Detection System 2000
external NASA Turning Goals into Reality In-Flight Icing Research Team 2001
external Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Award, NASA Langley Advanced Satellite Aviation-weather Products (ASAP) Project Team: Julie A. Haggerty, David B. Johnson, Marcia K. Politovich, Robert D. Sharman 2008
external AMS Fellow David Gochis 2019
internal UCAR Mentoring Award: RAL Awardee Sarah Tessendorf 2020
external Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference Steiner, Matthias 2010
external NWA Aviation Weather Award Aviation Weather Research Program Team 2002
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Laurie Carson (RAL), Ming Hu (NOAA/ESRL), Xiang-Yu Huang (MMM), Louisa Nance (RAL), Kathryn Newman (RAL), Hui Shao (RAL), Don Stark (RAL), and Chunhua Zhou (RAL). 2013
external National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Silk Scarf Award Bruce Carmichael 2018
external Distinguished Alumni Award, Sterling Illinois, Schools Foundation Breed, Daniel 2004
internal Outstanding Publication Award Martyn Clark, D. Kavetski, and F. Fenicia 2016
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Bill Mahoney, Bill Myers, Ben Bernstein, Jim Cowie, Jamie Wolff, Jaimi Yee, Seth Linden, Arnaud Dumont, and Paddy McCarthy 2004
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Bob Barron, Cleon Biter, Dave Albo, Gerry Wiener, Jon Lutz, Kristi Brislawn 1988
external Significant Contributor Greg Meymaris 2018
internal UCAR Administrative Support Achievement Award | RAL Awardee Jessa Johnson 2021
internal Education and Outreach Award Bruce Carmichael 2017
internal Outstanding Publication Award Julie Demuth (NCAR/RAL), Rebecca Morss (NCAR/MMM), Betty Hearn Morrow (SocResearch, Miami, FL), and Jeff Lazo (NCAR/RAL). 2013
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement Award Bob Barron, Bill Myers, John Caron, and Frank Hage, all of RAP 1992
external Outstanding Reviewer Award Cenlin He 2018
internal Education and Outreach Award Michael Dixon 2010
internal Outstanding Publication Award Romero-Lankao Paty (RAL), Doug Nychka (CISL/IMAGe) and John Tribbia (formerly at ISSE) 2010
external Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society Theriault, Julie 2010