Hydrometeorology Applications Program

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The capabilities represent significant improvements over current tools used by public safety officials

Roelof Bruintjes receives Schaefer Award

Roelof Bruintjes receives Schaefer Award

RAL wins NCAR awards for Outstanding Publication; Scientific and Technical Advancement; and Education and Outreach.

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Providing relevant information to water resource decision makers

The main goal of the Hydrometeorological Applications Program is to provide relevant information to high-impact weather, flood warning, and water resource decision makers through directed and basic research and development in hydrometeorology, aerosol-precipitation interactions, very short term precipitation nowcasting, cloud microphysical modeling, and winter weather.

Applications focused on water resources, flood warnings and control, winter weather precipitation events, and weather modification are growing at a rapid rate. Earth’s water supply, when considered on a regional basis, may not be sustainable relative to agricultural and industrial practices of the last century. RAL is motivated to building this research area to meet the needs of national (federal, state, county and municipal) and international organizations in the public and private sectors and to make a significant contribution to the science of hydrometeorology.

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