WRF-Hydro® Community Spotlight | Mirce Morales

Mirce Morales

Mirce Morales is a Ph.D. student at the Autonomous National University of Mexico, her research focuses on testing the use of data assimilation in WRF-Hydro under the DART (Data Assimilation Research Testbed) framework. The main objective is evaluating the results on updating soil moisture by assimilating streamflow and stage measured in gauge stations within the domain. The case study corresponds to La Sierra river basins located in the Southeast of Mexico.

Mirce visited NCAR over two consecutive summers. During her visits while working with the WRF-Hydro Team on her research, she has also contributed to the WRF-Hydro Community by proof reading the Spanish translation of the WRF-Hydro user guides and also submitting a Spanish translation of the WRF-Hydro GIS Pre-Processing Tool Demo video.

To contact Mirce email mirce.morales@gmail.com.

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