New Climate Change Tool for GIS - Climate Inspector

GIS Climate Inspector Tool

Climate Inspector is the newest addition to the NCAR GIS Program's Climate Change Scenarios web portal.  This portal has offered downloadable climate change data in a GIS format to users since 2005.  The Climate Inspector is an interactive web application which expands Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and graphing capabilities to visualize possible temperature and precipitation changes throughout the 21st century. The maps and graphs are generated from a large dataset of climate simulations by the NCAR Community Climate System Model (CCSM4). These simulations were prepared for the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). With Climate Inspectorusers can explore how temperature and precipitation may change based on different emission trajectory (i.e., Representative Concentration Pathway, RCP), investigate changes around the globe and through time, inspect climate variability and uncertainty, and download maps and data.

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