WRF-Hydro is Part of the OTREC Field Campaign in Costa Rica

Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection (OTREC)

storm clouds

What happens to all the precipitation after it rains?  And how can our model simulations be improved by adding observational precipitation data?  We will be teaching a WRF-Hydro modeling system course in conjunction with the OTREC field campaign on the University of Costa Rica campus in San Jose 21-23 August 2019. 

The OTREC field campaign is studying the deep convection in the ITCZ over Costa Rica. The NSF-sponsored Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection (OTREC) field campaign began on  August 5th and is in full swing until September 30th, 2019. There are mulitple components to this campaign to gather measurements from both air and land.  Our involvement includes Dave Gochis providing a portable radiosonde unit expertise and 10 surface meteorological stations as well as 3 instructors to teach a WRF-Hydro Course to participants from multiple Central American countries from both academic and government entities.