Advancing South America's High-Resolution Modeling System

The newly established South America affinity group website was set up to accelerate research and discoveries focusing on the water and energy cycle of South America. It is led by NCAR's Water Systems program and the Hydrometeorological Applications Program (HAP) and fosters collaborations across NCAR and the international research community.

NCAR's role in this project is the development of a high-resolution, convection-permitting modeling system for South America. This will enable unprecedented insights into atmospheric and hydro-climatologic processes in South America.

NCAR closely collaborates with university patterns in the U.S. and South America and supports international research activities such as ANDEX, which is a prospective GEWEX Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP).

In addition, NCAR is organizing monthly meetings to foster collaborations on key research challenges in South America and to gather feedback on the project's progress and future direction.

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