Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Year
external Latina Leader Award in the Category of Science, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Romero-Lankao Paty 2008
external Leopold Leadership Fellowship Romero-Lankao Paty 2008
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) David Yates, Jack Sieber and Annette Huber-Lee (Stockholm Environment Institute), David Purkey (National Heritage Institute), and Hector Galbraith (Galbraith Environmental Services) 2008
patent Sensor system to distinguish frozen and non-frozen liquid particulates Roy M. Rasmussen 2007
external AMS Fellow Brown, Barbara 2007
external ATCA Technical Writing Award Thompson, Greg and Lindholm, Tenny A. 2007
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement (Nominee) Thomas Hopson (RAL and SERE*/ASP). Co-nominees include Hai-Ru Chang, Carlos Hoyos, Jun Jian, and Peter Webster (Georgia Institute of Technology); and Selvaraju Ramasamy and A.R. Subbiah (Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre). 2007
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Rita Roberts. Co-nominee and co-author included Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University) 2007
patent De-icing information system Roy M. Rasmussen 2006
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Thomas T. Warner (NSAP) 2006
internal Education and Outreach Award (Nominee) Eve Gruntfest, Julie Demuth, Sheldon Drobot, Mary Hayden, Olga Wilhelmi (all ISSE), and Jeff Lazo (WSAP). Co-nominees included Rebecca Morss (ESSL/MMM) and Matt Kelsch (UOP/COMET). 2006
external NASA Certificate of Appreciation, Aviation Safety and Security Program Cornman, Larry 2005
external NASA Earth Science Applications Award Wolff, Cory et al. 2005
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Janice Coen (RAL and MMM). Co-nominees and co-authors included Shankar Mahalingam (University of California, Riverside) and John Daily (University of Colorado, Boulder).
patent Hotplate Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2004
patent Hotplate Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2004
patent Hotplate Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2004
patent Hotplate Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2004
patent Determining 3-Dimensional Velocity of an Object Jothiram Vivekananadan, Guifu Zhang 2004
patent Feature Classification for Time Series Data Richard A. Weekley, Robert K. Goodrich, Lawrence B. Cornman 2004
patent Hotplate Precipitation Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2004
external Distinguished Alumni Award, Sterling Illinois, Schools Foundation Breed, Daniel 2004
external AMS Fellow Rasmussen, Roy 2004
external NASA Langley Certificate of Appreciation Williams, John 2004
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Bob Sharman (AAP/RAL). Co-nominees and co-authors included Todd Lane (ASP/CMS), Terry Clark (MMM/CSM), and Hsiao-Ming Hsu (MMM) 2004