Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Year
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement (Nominee) Bill Mahoney, Bill Myers, Ben Bernstein, Jim Cowie, Jamie Wolff, Jaimi Yee, Seth Linden, Arnaud Dumont, and Paddy McCarthy 2004
internal Mentoring Award (Winner) James Wilson (RAL/EOL) 2004
patent System for Measuring Characteristic of Scatterers Using Spaced Receiver Remote Sensors (STARS) Eleanor A. Praskovskaya, Alexander A. Praskovsky 2003
patent Determining Temperature of a Physical Medium Using Remote Measurement Jothiram Vivekananadan, Guifu Zhang 2003
patent Hotplate Precipitation Measuring System Roy M. Rasmussen 2003
patent Multi-stage processing for efficient and accurate spectral moment estimation Shelly D. Dalton, Lawrence B. Cornman, Robert K. Goodrich, Nathaniel Beagley 2003
external AMS Remote Sensing Lecture Award Wilson, James 2003
external NASA Turning Goals into Reality Turbulence Research Team, Cornman, Larry et al. 2003
external Top 50 Research Leaders of the Year, Scientific American Sharman, Robert and Cornman, Larry 2003
external AMS Fellow Politovich, Marcia 2003
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Guifu Zhang, Ed Brandes, and J. Vivekanandan (RAP) 2003
patent Method for Determining Storm Predictability Jim Wilson 2002
external NASA Turning Goals into Reality In-Flight Icing Research Team 2002
external FAA Excellence in Aviation Research Award Aviation Weather Research Program 2002
external NWA Aviation Weather Award Aviation Weather Research Program Team 2002
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Larry Cornman, Corinne Morse, and Kent Goodrich (RAP). Co-nominee included Stephen Cohn (ATD now EOL). Co-authors included Warner Ecklund (Boulder, CO), Stephen Cohn (ATD now EOL), Eli Karplus (NCAR), Steven W. Mueller (RAP), and R. Andrew Weekley (RAP).
patent Best in Time Forecasting System Bob Barron, Wayne Moor 2001
patent Method of Moment Estimation and Feature For Devices Which Measure Spectra As a Function of Range or Time (NIMA) Lawrence B. Cornman, Corinne Sue Morse, Robert Kent Goodrich 2001
external NASA Turning Goals into Reality In-Flight Icing Research Team 2001
external Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference Lindholm, Tenny A. 2001
internal Education and Outreach Award (Nominee) Marcia Politovich and Ben Bernstein 2001
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Winner) Juanzhen Jenny Sun (RAL/MMM) and N. Andrew Crook (RAL/MMM) 2001
patent System For Determination of Optimal Travel Path in a Multidimensional Space William L. Myers 2000
external Air Traffic Management Magazine award Turbulence and windshear warning system, Hong Kong Airport 2000
external Aviation Week Laurels Award In-situ Turbulence Detection System 2000