Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Year
external Outstanding Platform Presentation, National Chem/Bio Defense Science and Technology Conference Bieringer, Paul 2011
external AMS Fellow Mahoney, William 2011
internal Education and Outreach Award (Winner) Rita Roberts and James Wilson 2011
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Winner) Thomas T. Warner (RAL, posthumous) 2011
patent Optical device for correcting geostationary satellite imagery for earth curvature effects David Johnson 2010
patent Method and apparatus for clutter filtering staggered pulse repetition time signals Gregory Meymaris 2010
external AMS Kenneth C. Spengler Award Mahoney, William 2010
external Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society Theriault, Julie 2010
external Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers Yates, David 2010
external Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference Steiner, Matthias 2010
external WMA Distinguished Service Award Axisa, Duncan 2010
internal Education and Outreach Award (Nominee) Michael Dixon 2010
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Romero-Lankao Paty (RAL), Doug Nychka (CISL/IMAGe) and John Tribbia (formerly at ISSE) 2010
external WMA International Award Bruintjes, Roelof 2009
external U.S. Department of Commerce, NWS, Certificate of Recognition Megenhardt, Daniel 2009
external AMS Fellow Roberts, Rita 2009
internal Outstanding Publication Award (Nominee) Chris Davis (MMM/RAL), Barb Brown (RAL), and Randy Bullock (RAL) 2009
internal Scientific and Technical Advancement (Winner) John Hubbert (EOL), Mike Dixon (RAL), Scott Ellis (EOL), and Greg Meymaris (RAL) 2009
patent Precipitation measurement device Frank W. Hage 2008
patent De-icing information system Roy M. Rasmussen, Frank W. Hage 2008
patent Weather Radar Echo Tops Forecast Generation Paul E. Bieringer 2008
patent Atmospheric Feature Detection Using Lagrangian Scalar Integration Paul E. Bieringer 2008
external Leopold Leadership Fellowship Romero-Lankao Paty 2008
external Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Award, NASA Langley Advanced Satellite Aviation-weather Products (ASAP) Project Team: Julie A. Haggerty, David B. Johnson, Marcia K. Politovich, Robert D. Sharman 2008
external Nobel Peace Prize - IPCC, Nobel Foundation Kathleen Miller and Patricia Romero-Lankao 2008