South America Affinity Group - Model Output

Sub-regions in South America

The SAAG members decided to use the IPCC AR6 subregions (Iturbide et al. 2020) to perform analysis in South America. Below are the shapefiles of the regions that intersect with the 4 km WRF modeling domain and a netCDF file that contains a mask that assigns each grid cell to an AR6 region. Questions about these files should be addressed to Andreas Prein (

Available Variables from WRF Simulations

Below are summaries of the available variables from the planned 20-year long WRF 4 km climate simulation and the currently running 3-year long simulations. Please contact Kyoko Ikeda <> if you have questions concerning the model output.

20-year long simulations (ongoing)

  • Progress and post-processing efforts

    This file shows the progress and post-processing efforts of the SAAG 20-year current climate simulation.

  • 20 year run wrfout file variable

    These are all of the variables produced from the WRF model ( V4.1.5 with modifications) used for the 20-year run.  We are still investigating if we can store hourly wrfout files. We have storage to save post-processed and thinned out 1-hrly wrf2d and 3-hrly wrf3d files.

  • Variables description - Spreadsheet (coming soon)

    This spreadsheet contains a description of the variables that will be saved in five output files:

    • wrf2d (two-dimensional variables; hourly)
    • wrf3d (three-dimensional variables; hourly or 3-hourly)
    • wrfxtrem (extreme variables; daily)
    • AFWA (two-dimensional diagnostic variables; hourly)
    • auxhist (small subset of 2D output at 15-minute interval)

    It is important for the group to view the master list and make sure that the saved output contains all necessary model variables required for their research.

  • wrf2d and wrf3d hourly model output - Globus

    The wrf2d and wrf3d hourly model output can be accessed from Globus following the link below within the "/WRF4KM_2000-2020/wrf2d_wrf3d/" directory. Access is restricted to SAAG community members.

  • Single Variable descriptions - hourly data - Spreadsheet (coming soon)

    Key variables are identified on this spreadsheet.

  • Single Variable files - Globus

    Single variable files that contain hourly data for key variables that were identified on this spreadsheet under the "Extract wrf2d variables" tab can be found in the  "/Single_variable_files/WRF4KM_2000-2020/" folder under this Globus link. Access is restricted to SAAG community members.

3-year long simulations (finished)


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