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Proposal to the Instituto Panamericano de Geografía e Historia (PAIGH)

This propsal was submitted to the Instituto Panamericano de Geografía e Historia to support the participation of South American researchers in the 6th Convection Permitting Climate Modeling Workshop.

Proposal for NCAR Computer Resources Request

The University large allocation request that was awarded to Francina Dominguez by NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) can be accessed by the members of the South American Affinity group here.

Connecting Mountain Hydroclimate Through the American Cordilleras

In preparation for the ANDEX RHP, a series of research articles was published in a special issue in Frontiers on the topic of "Connecting Mountain Hydroclimate Through the American Cordilleras".

A Proposed Regional Hydroclimate Project for the United States

This is an NCAR lead effort to establish a GEWEX Regional Hydroclimate Project over the United States. More information can be found in an article that by Schneider and van Oevelen published in GEWEX News Vol. 30, No. 2 | Quarter 2, 2020

 Land use and Land Surface Changes in Sout America

A sub-group of researchers that are interested in studying the impacts of land surface changes on the weather and climate of South America started to coordinate. Initial ideas for targeted experiments and regions of interest are summarized in this document.

This research is motivated by findings as those visualized in this award winning visualization that uses the WRF model to visualize the “beating” pattern that characterizes atmospheric moisture of the Amazon forest -

Literature about land surface changes in the Amazon Basin

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Severe storms in Argentina

Net York Times article - What’s Going on Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Córdoba Province?


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